Navman Mio Spirit 575 Review – The Remarkable Satellite Navigator

Navman Mio Spirit 575 Review – The Remarkable Satellite Navigator-This Navman Mio Spirit 575 review is all about the new navigation system, Navman Mio Spirit 575 by the brand Mio. The 4.7 inch screen satellite navigation system of Navman Mio is loaded with the utmost navigation features like the IQ Routes function and traffic information. These make the Navman Mio Spirit 575 the best navigator having the up-to-dated functions.


• The IQ Routes technology is one of the commendable features of the device. This intelligent feature in advance forecasts the main traffic jammed routes on busy times which in turn saves you a hard time while driving. Knowing the congestion’s of roads beforehand, will definitely help you avoid those roads and save time.

The sat nav has a “built-in-traffic” feature which also lets the driver know in advance the traffic condition of roads and helps in avoiding heavy traffic. This feature comes handy mostly when you are in a run-rush to reach somewhere.

• It also offers the ‘LearnMe’ feature which trains the device to get an idea of the user’s preferred routes; by monitoring the user’s driving patterns. With the more and more usage of this feature, the sat nav via this feature learns the often chosen routes taken by you and with time, starts automatically guiding you towards that route rather than verbally telling you which way to go.

The IQ routes in addition to the “built-in-traffic” and “learn me” features makes the Navman Mio a powerful personal auto-guide to facilitate an easy driving.

Some more prominent features of this sat nav are –

  • The ‘Total Refresh Latest Map Guarantee’, which guarantees a free update of the map. As an updates version of maps and precision is very much required while driving especially through unknown routes. Mio with this sat nav lends you maps across the globe with a very nominal charge. You may book it for a maximum of 30 days or a minimum of 3-7 days and can conveniently use it on a short trips or vacations.
  • Navman Mio Spirit 575 has a 3D view enabled in it which helps you to have a clear view 3D view at crossings to avoid any mishaps.
  • Navman Mio has only three external controls on the top of the device; the on, off and reset controls. There is a micro SD card slot at the bottom. Charging is done through a cigarette lighter charger whose terminal ends to a mini USB plug. The navigator comes in two colors rather in two external cases; silver and black. The 4.7 inch screen is surrounded by a black rim at the top, and below the screen the word ‘Mio’ is inscribed in bold.

Using the Navigator:

The navigator after switching on has some initial settings to do. After adjusting the initials settings, you enter the main screen with the following options:

  • Find
  • Map
  • My Places
  • Settings
  • Near Me

When you want to search for an address, you need to type the full address, or else a 7 digit postal code. There is a feature of predictive text input, which helps you to type quickly, and avoid wrong or misspelled words, which in turn saves some time.

Now when the device has found the possibly matching addresses, it chooses and short lists just 5 addresses, providing you with a narrowed down list to choose the address you are looking for. The destination address then comes on the screen with three more options to choose from

  • To view the map of the found address
  • To save the address in favorites list to reuse in future
  • To start a new navigation

The Pros:

  • The speed limits of every road are specified on the left-hand bottom side of the screen. The font is large and can be clearly read.
  • When you tap the display while navigating through a route. You get an easy menu to see the traffic info, alter the volume, zoom, and the overview of the route in advance.
  • The device is good for the Windows users, as the navigator software is compatible to Windows OS, and supports backup when connected to the PC. The sat nav can also be updated through your Windows PC.
  • A considerable point while writing the Navman Mio Spirit 575 review is that, after spotting an address the device does not offer any option to change the preference of that very route. You can only change or set the route preference in the settings menu.

The Cons:

  • A negative point about the sat nav is the map display. It is not much clear and distinct to read from a distance especially when the unit is mounted inside a car. Moreover, the names of roads and places are written in such small letters, that they are not always legible.
  • While navigating along the commanded path when the ‘next turn’ command comes up, a banner is displayed on the screen. At the extreme right of the banner, there are options to choose the display of the distance, the speed, and the time to reach the place. But the odd thing is, there is no way you can see the three parameters displayed at a time.
  • There is a voice command feature, which converts the text command on screen to voice command, and as you navigate, the device orally relates them. But what tampers the feature is the barely audible and distinct voice quality, which actually nullifies the advantage of the feature.
  • A bad news for Mac OS users is that, the MIO software is not compatible with Mac, making it impossible to add third party apps or take backups etc. without a Windows OS.


The Mio weighing 160 grams, with a display of 4.7”, measures 480 x 270. It has a GPS Chipset of SiRFstarIII with InstantFixII. The processor is the 400MHz Samsung’s 2450. It has a Li-ion battery of 720 mAh. The dimension of the thin and sleek Mio is (132 x 85 x 14) mm. The RAM is 128 MB SDRAM, and has a 2GB ROM.


The Navman Mio Spirit 575 is a very well equipped navigating device which is designed to satisfy most of the satellite navigation users. The user manual is simple and easy. The device body is sleek and attractive with a very bright display screen. A very important aspect is that, it is not unnecessarily loaded with apps like e-book readers, music players etc., making the functions perform quicker than most other navigating devices. But the old style map display and minimum information on the interface screen leaves a scope for development. For beginners, and basic users, this gadget is good enough to meet all requirements. However, if you are a pro in using navigating devices then you must go through the whole Navman Mio Spirit 575 review specifications before buying it.

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