Garmin Nuvi 3710 Review – A Navigator’s Delight

Garmin Nuvi 3710 Review – A Navigator’s Delight-A sleek 8.9 mm Satnav, Garmin Nuvi 3710 packs in a punch via accurate junction navigation in dual screen lucidity, predicts driving habits through nüRoute™ navigation, uses multi-touch technology while offering 800*400 pixel clarity and offers access to UK and Ireland Maps along with Bluetooth enabled hands-free phone calls.

Whether you are strolling along the road or driving, the automatic dual orientation display mode helps you choose portrait or landscape viewing with a casual flip as required. Though I did not buy it from, this Garmin Nuvi 3710 review will help you explore your choices if you are considering buying a Satnav.

Stylish and Slimmest Portable Satnav

Sleekly designed in aluminium and chrome finish, the lightweight Garmin Nuvi 3710 is the thinnest portable Satnav in the market. Additionally, I personally fancy the distinctive petite back design of the sleek Sat nav, differentiating it from others in its range. The USP of Garmin Nuvi 3710 is not the Satnav being just the slimmest in its category, but the slimmest with a powerhouse of user-friendly features. Additionally, the personalization features like a 3D Car are cool add-ins for a fashionable display.

High Clarity Screen Resolution

The Garmin Nuvi 3710 offers excellent vision clarity for both day and night viewing, delivering 800*400 high pixel resolutions in a 4.3 inch, large LCD screen. Zooming in and out is a smooth ride through the multi-touch features of tapping, pinching and sliding technology; introduced for the first time in the navigator range. The Sat nav also offers hassle-free automatic dual orientation feature, allowing you to switch from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa with an easy flip anytime for better versatility. The lucid display enables you to chart your route easily even while driving and without long interruptions for accessing navigation control.

Right Lane Selection with PhotoReal™ Junction View

Navigation controls for chartering all your difficult junctions and exits using PhotoReal™ Junction View is a user’s delight. Garmin Nuvi 3710 helps you make your correct lane selection with unbelievable thorough view of the road ahead, including close-up visual of trees, pillars / posts and bridges. The meticulous replica of the road-signs along with the pointing of arrows helps you choose the right lane for your ride ahead. The split-screen or dual screen option for both portrait and landscape mode in PhotoReal™ Junction View makes the road look brighter and more detailed than ever.

NüRoute™ myTrends™ Navigation Technology and Parking Spot Recall

Garmin Nuvi 3710 uses NüRoute™ myTrends™, an intelligent navigation software which remembers your driving habits over a period of time to forecast known locations, destinations and routes without your typing in your endpoint. Thus, it also calculates your expected arrival time basis previous data feed; without your current input of destination location. Also, Garmin Nuvi 3710 remembers your parking spot as a map point after being detached from car mount, and helps you guide your steps back to the car on foot. Additionally, it locates nearby parking lots to your current position for that extra icing on the cake.

Navigation Sound Clarity and Bluetooth Wireless Accessibility for Hands-free Phone Calls

The sound clarity of the Garmin Nuvi 3710 is highly recommendable along with clear, detailed navigation instructions and gives you optimal time to decide beforehand. Moreover, the in-built wireless technology enabled by Bluetooth helps you connect to your compatible mobile handset for hands-free calls. The Bluetooth remote control of the Sat nav also syncs information about your call logs and phone contacts so that you can make and receive calls without even accessing your mobile handset. The contacts are displayed on the screen of the Sat nav which you can then click to access phone calls.

Garmin Nuvi 3710 Review – Stylish Holder

The latest portable Garmin product comes with an attractive holder perched on your windscreen giving it a funky yet trendy look. The suction feature of the Garmin Nuvi 3710 holder is strong yet easily detachable from your windscreen when not required. An extra suction is also given with the box set to act as a replacement when the original suction ceases to work. This convenient system allows you to set up and operate your Sat nav with ease while driving and otherwise.

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