Garmin nuvi 1490LMT – Exceptional Deals On A Great GPS

Garmin nuvi 1490LMT – Exceptional Deals On A Great GPS -It’s no secret that Garmin is a global and industry leader and the Garmin nuvi 1490LMT is another example of this leadership. In this review I’ll go over some of the key features that make this GPS unit a “must-have”!

The Garmin nuvi 1490LMT is Packed With Features

Garmin pulled out all the stops when they created the 1490LMT. I’ll highlight just some of its many, many features that make it, in my opinion, a “must-have”!

To start, the screen is an easy to read, but not too large, 5″ giving you a clear view of all the directions and other data. Of course it employs touch screen technology and you can easily scroll between menu screens similar to smart phones. The screen is back lit and anti-glare so you’ll be able to read it under pretty much all driving and lighting conditions.

On your map layout you’ve got the option to include four data fields on screen with the top three being configurable giving you full flexibility to set up your unit the way that works best for your specific needs.

Garmin nuvi 1490LMT – What is LMT?

This unit comes with Lifetime Maps to keep your GPS Navigator current. You can download four times a year. The “T” stands for traffic and this is a really powerful feature that can save you not only time, but gas as well. When the traffic adapter is plugged in you’ll have instant guidance on the best routes to avoid current traffic problems such as accidents or rush hour bottlenecks.

Are you sometimes a little lead-footed? Or perhaps just miss the speed signs when there’s lots going on? A speed limit sign on the screen tells you the speed limit for the road you’re on and turns red if you go over the speed limit.

The 6 million points of interest tells you where to find gas stations, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, shopping malls, airports, etc. And you can find them by location, address, category, your choice!

points of interest

Planning a trip or during a trip, the multiple point routing lets you plan the best route from among up to 10 different ones.

The nuvi 1490LMT comes blue tooth ready for hands free calling so you can place and receive phone calls on your blue tooth enabled phone.

This unit has high sensitivity GPS receiver that of course gives you all the fantastic Garmin navigation such as lane assist to get into the proper lane for a turn or exit, voice instructions, junction vieww to orient yourself on the actual road, and even has a special enhanced pedestrian navigation option for walking.

This unit is ready to go out of the box and mounts with the supplied suction mount.

It even has ecoRoute to help you plan the most fuel efficient trip.

Want to find the quickest way home from wherever you are, just hit the go home button and you’ll have your route.

As you can tell, the Garmin nuvi 1490LMT is feature-rich GPS system. You’ll love everything about it.

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