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TomTom XXL Classic Review-If you are looking for a TomTom XXL Classic review, you have bumped into the right place. Learn more about the TomTom XXL Classic through this review. This could help you understand more about its product details and features. You need this product especially when you are driving. Have a tool that will help guide you in your journey.

Brief Product Description

The TomTom XXL Classic is a navigation system that lets you drive easier with its amazing features. In this sat nav, it consists of 22 maps of countries in the Western Europe, allowing you to tour the continent with ease. It has a 5-inch responsive touch-screen that lets you to spot the destination you’re going to. And it doesn’t stop from here. This is also an innovative sat nav that has an up to date information that greatly improves you’re driving and journey.

What Comes in the Box

You could purchase this product for only about 90 pounds on Amazon. The full set of the product contains the following: the XXL Classic itself, an easy port mount, a USB charger, a USB cable, and its documentation. Everything you need for its installation in your vehicle is enclosed in the box. Be sure to read its documentation or manual first before you plunge into your new sat nav for easier navigation.

Product Features & Technical Details

This TomTom XXL Classic Review would now reveal you about this product’s awesome features. First of all, it is designed with a responsive 5-inch touchscreen. This extra wide screen allows you to drive easier because of its touch screen technology. Operate your device with great ease and pleasure with its responsive touchscreen.

Another great feature of this product is its emergency menu. Since safety is the top priority in every drive, this product is equipped with a help me button so that you could always find assistance and local service information during your drive. Another feature to brag about is its fixed speed camera, that provides you useful camera alerts for a safer journey.

The TomTom XXL Classic also helps to reduce every driver’s stress with its advanced lane guidance feature. This feature allows every driver to get familiarized with unfamiliar junctions so that they won’t miss a turn. The advanced lane guidance comes with a 3D image that shows clearly the lanes that a driver needs to take.

Also, TomTom updates your map. When you purchase your device, they update their maps after 30 days. The device is also equipped with a map share technology. The drivers could easily make corrections to their map since the roads change every year by fifteen percent. With map corrections made, millions of TomTom users could benefit from it – free. You could make corrections by editing a street name, changing road speeds, blocking/unblocking a street, reversing traffic direction, and several more!

With this TomTom XXL Classic Review, you’ll also learn how to save time and money with this product. With the classic’s IQ routes technology, you could gain access to the fastest route during rush hours and even shopping crowds; thus, saving you time and gas. The product is also equipped with a QuickGPSfix that allows you to fix your GPS position.

TomTom also gives you the comfort of the HOME desktop software wherein you could keep your device up to date when connected to a PC. With a PC, you could personalize your device and subscribe to TomTom’s other great services to up your level of convenience when using the device. With TomTom’s HOME desktop software, you could also keep your map up to date. Just click and download, and you’re ready to go. And lastly, the classic version is designed to be compatible with TMC traffic receivers that optimize your routing better.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Several of the consumers who purchased the TomTom Classic are actually glad with the product. They especially like its responsive 5-inch touchscreen and its great visual interface. With an optimized visual interface, the drivers could see easily where they would go ahead. The users of the TomTom Classic also like its updated maps since they could go on re-routing at any time. And for the first time users of the product said, they especially liked its easy to understand and easy to follow directions.

Pros of Product

In this TomTom XXL Classic Review, we are going to list about the product’s advantages. First, it has easy controls which allow you to drive with greater convenience. The device also doesn’t give you a hard time in understanding its directions. In other words, it has an easy to follow directions. Aside from its nice visual interface, this sat nav also has accurate maps. Unlike other sat navs, TomTom’s maps are always updated. With that, we could say that this device is truly reliable. It does not only boast of its style. It really provides anyone driving with greater comfort.

Cons of Product

Several of the users of the TomTom XXL Classic have hard time thinking about its flaws since this sat nav is definitely amazing. But to some users, they want the product to have a faster processor for greater convenience. This product also doesn’t support phone connectivity, so you couldn’t go hands-free. Lastly, some users experience problems with regards to security pin freezing.

Who Should Buy This Product

This product is best for anyone who likes to travel and drive. This product is best to use when you are driving in the city, highways, and even in the rural areas. Anyone should buy this product if you have a large vehicle or even a small car. This sat nav could be one of your greatest driving companions when you’re out on the road.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Indeed, the TomTom XXL Classic could be one of your best companions on the road. This sat nav has everything that you need – from enhancing safety, reducing driver stress, saving time and money. Its great features would allow you to be at your best while driving on the road. We hope that this TomTom XXL Classic Review had helped you in creating your decision whether to purchase the product or not.

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