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Tomtom XL 2 IQ Review – On close study and testing, this Tomtom XL 2 IQ review will show you how attractive and how it has some very useful features which this sat nav produces. When viewed from the front, it looks similar to the GO 950, Tomtom’s premium sat nav model, because of its 4.3” wide screen and stylish bezel.

The relatively slimmer model has an integrated mount that makes it easier to transfer the device together with the mount, between cars.  Though, Tomtom has come up with a new attachment system for the mount, yet this one is not equipped with it, instead has the old wire ring mount. There is a mini USB plug in the device, which is used both for data transfer to PC, and also battery charging in car. But the socket is so deep embedded in the device that it takes a few tries to plug in the charger. A strange thing about the XL2 is that, there is no carrying pouch included in its package.

Outline idea of the gadget.

The earlier models of Tomtom had complicated interfaces with icons crowded on the main menu. But this device is different. Here the interface is very simple, and there are just two big icons in the main menu screen, and a small strip segment at the bottom of the menu screen contains another icon. From the two main icons, you can plan your route, and can go through the map of the region. The other small icon lets you choose from the different categories of the various points of interest. This gives you a clear vision of the nearest points of interest. But the device slows down quite a bit while showing the map or zooming on the map.

The submenu you enter on choosing the bigger icon of route planning looks quite similar to the submenus of the previous models of the company. You can choose to navigate from that menu, to a chosen point of interest. You can save a list of your favorite destinations, and your home address. The device autosaves the recently visited places that you navigated with it. Another way to find a place from your last destinations is to enter a postcode and then shortlist your destination from the street name and house number. A drawback of the device is that you cannot get to a search result using a keyword. You will have to have a clear cut idea about the location you are searching for, it may be the street name or postal code etc. But if you want to search for a restaurant or school then the search will be category based search and then you won’t need specific addresses.

The Features that attract the most.

A great feature seen in the Tomtom XL 2 IQ Review, is the prediction of roads and routes by a special calculation using Tomtom’s IQ Routes. It analyses the recent history of traffic in a route, and then calculates how much time it may take to go through that route, and accordingly suggests alternative routes to avoid traffic jams.

The XL2 doesn’t change to the night mode on its own, by analyzing the day light, or through time calculation. You have to manually switch it to the night mode, and to do such function like night mode switching, and putting the sound on or off etc, you need to use the second row of the icons. Besides providing access to the Options, the icons in the secondary row have something very important, and that is the ‘Help’ menu. You can get all your queries answered here.

You get your current location on the map, and your position, and co-ordinates throughout the map, all in the initial screen. From this point, you can access all points of interest together, in case of an emergency, and that too very quickly. You can just call any of your points of interest by accessing the phone number from the database.

The best thing about XL2 is its very simple interface, one that suits novice users who are first time using a sat-nav gadget. Earlier the menus in the navigators of Tomtom used to be too confusing with loads of options and choices, which are reduced quite a lot in XL2 to make it look neat and understandable.

When you have once spotted your needed destination and are nearing it, then you get all info about it at the bottom of the screen, and also parallelly get the speed and the limit, the time to reach destination, ETA, and current time. There appears an icon on the right telling you the next turning too.

Keeping the device price in mind, you would be glad to know that, you get a much lucrative feature in it. It gives you Advanced Lane Guidance, a feature where a full-screened visual tells you the way to choose, when you are in a complicated turning or intersection. Not only that, but it shows you a realistic sign post that you may find on the lane to get assistance. You will also get alerts about speed cameras.

You can note any map corrections needed in your device. These corrections will be uploaded to the Tomtom maps online, once you connect your device to a PC which is connected online. The XL2 has been launched when some new voice commands have also been launched by the company, and as a result you can download these paid voice commands, which includes C3PO, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Yoda, to the device.

Pro’s of product.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Great value
  • Big screen with full screen and bright graphics

Con’s of product.

  • Map updates are slow
  • Mini USB socket is difficult to access
  • Carrying pouch is not included


Though the device is priced a little higher than its predecessors, yet the large 4.3” display covers for it. The neat and clean interface, improved menu and sub menus, and sorted icons are all nice selling points for the device. The integrated mount is also a good feature to look for. It’s a nice and attractive gadget for the satellite navigation users who are just beginners. The Tomtom XL 2 IQ Review tells, it’s a great choice when you are looking for something similar to a premium personal sat nav system, which is priced affordably.

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