Tomtom Start Classic Review: Making Your Driving Easy

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Tomtom Start Classic Review: Making Your Driving Easy-The Tomtom Start Classic is a satellite navigator (Sat Nav) useful in driving and navigating in places your unfamiliar with. This Sat Nav is equipped with useful featurs that will surely help you and provide you comfort and ease while driving. With the use of Global Positioning System (GPS), this Tomtom brand Sat Nav will definitely guide its users about the different roads and places.

It is ideal for first time customers to purchase this device since it is packed with a lot of easy-to- understand menus and features. This navigating device will be a great introduction for newbies who are looking for a worthy starter Sat Nav. A Tomtom Start Classic review will help you know more about this amazing device.

What Comes in the Box

Included in the box are the nifty Sat Nav unit, EasyPort holder, manuals, car charger and a decent USB cable. Aside from these, there are also pre-installed maps of areas in Western Europe. In addition to that, you can also avail of enhancements and carrying support such as a GPS travel case. Plus, the Sat Nav is already pre-charged so you can already use it as soon as you get your package. But before you get into the driver seat, make sure you have already read the user’s manual to assure that you know how to operate the Sat Nav. If there are still things you need to know about the device, you can visit Tomtom’s official website for further details with regard to this Sat Nav. You can also read a Tomtom Start Classic review to help you maximize the features and abilities of your GPS device.

Product Features and Technical Details

What makes Tomtom Start Classic a worthy Sat Nav for beginners is its compactness. Its compact 3.5” touch screen display really makes it easy to operate. It weighs just 127 grams and measures for 2 x 9.4 x 8.1 centimeters (L x W x H). Another valuable feature of this device its Speed Cameras locator. It gives you accurate information about location of speed cameras on the map. It also warns the driver about speed limits and speed checkers along the road to help prevent speeding fines and remind about safety while driving. Your device also comes with an EasyPort mount which makes it really easy to position inside your vehicle. A Tomtom Start Classic review also stated that this device also boasts detailed maps of different countries in Western Europe such as the United Kingdom (including Channel Islands), Spain, Norway, Germany, Italy, Austria, Finland and France.

What Do Existing Users Say About Tomtom Start Classic?

A lot of users having this product experienced ease in their driving. Beginners also found the device easy to use. They have learned how to use it a few days after their purchase.

“Andrew, Germany”

“I know nothing about GPS devices at first. With this amazing device, I was able to navigate and drive easily here and in other areas without being lost. Its maps are really detailed and updated.”

“John, UK”

“My driving habits really changed when I bought my Tomtom Sat Nav. I was able to control and limit my speeds in order to be safe from accidents and speeding fines.”

This Sat Nav device really helped people in their driving. Some of them even bought several Tomtom Sat Navs for their other cars.

Pros of the Product

What makes the Tomtom Start Classic really good for navigating is its updated maps. Once you have purchased this Sat Nav, you are assured of up-to-date maps that will be useful in your driving. Street names are also spoken by the device in order to let you maintain your concentration on your driving. Aside from that, you are also given a set of world-class maps because Tomtom has a reputation of producing accurate and well-illustrated maps for more than 25 years and still counting. An added great feature of this product is its motorist assistance function. With this Sat Nav, you can find local emergency contact details as well as hospitals and some roadside assistance. Your safety and protection is an important concern for the makers of Tomtom Start Classic. Reviews about this product will testify the quality of this product.

Cons of the Product

This is a really wonderful GPS device. However, it has also flaws. One thing that you can notice about this device is its small memory. Some maps do really occupy a lot of memory space for the device. To accommodate other maps you desire, you should erase first some maps in order to make some space. This will really be a hassle for users who want a lot of maps in their GPS device.

Who Should Buy This Product

This device is really ideal for beginners and those people who just want a cheap but feature-packed Sat Nav in their cars. Its features are really easy to understand. Beginners will find it very easy to operate even at Day one. Even people who are not tech-savvy will be able to use this device. Its compact design is also a plus for those people who do not want bulky Sat Navs blocking their view of the road. With its cheap price, a lot of people will be able to get a pretty good Sat Nav for their vehicles. A Tomtom Start Classic review even recommended it to those people who are in a really tight budget.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This device really good for its price. It will be a very useful Sat Nav especially to those who just decided to use GPS devices in their driving. However, this device is not for people who want to store a lot maps in their system. To make the most out of this Tomtom Start Classic Sat Nav, one must erase unnecessary maps and voice clips to accommodate the important ones.

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