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Binatone Carrera X350 review – Excellence-If you aren’t finding enough helpful information about the Binatone Carrera X350, then make sure you give this Binatone Carrera X350 review a thorough read. If you are living in the UK or Ireland, then this is a must-buy product as it offers updated maps for the entire UK and Ireland.

Brief Product Description

The 3.5”screen sets the tone for the product. Along with that screen size, the easy to use maps form a lethal combination. Even in case of sunshine glare, the TFT white screen offers a clear and visible view. The new and improved routing system is another aspect to look forward to in the device. If you are looking for a GPS device that works best under various conditions and doesn’t come with a costly price tag, then this product has to be the way to go for you.

What comes in the box

Apart from the Binatone Carrera X350 device, you get to enjoy a pre-loaded city navigator that helps you keep track of your maps. There is a vehicle suction mount a power cable to be used in the vehicle. To ensure you don’t have to face any issues in terms of setting up the device, the box contains a quick start-up manual, a USB cable, and a car charger.

Product Features & Technical Details

There is a high-sensitivity receiver located within the device so you can enjoy the navigation option like never before. The device contains pre-loaded street maps that come with NuMaps Guarantee that offer peace of mind you need when using the GPS devices. With Lane assist option, you can be rest assured of which lane to be in when on the road. This makes your journey easier and with this option, you can reach the destination faster than ever, and that too, without having to press on the accelerator much. You also get a speed limit accelerator that gives you a clear idea as to what speed you need to maintain on a particular road. When it comes to performance, technical details of a GPS device are an indicative guide you shouldn’t  miss out on. To start with the dimensions, the device is 85mm x 100mm x 17mm. Screen resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. The device uses a TFT white backlight display type that helps you view the screen even efficiently and with ease. The device weight 150g and uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers battery life of up to 2-3 hours.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

When you have all those technical features in place, what would owners do other than praising the product? Well, this has been the case with this Binatone Carrera X350 up till now, and the existing owners have high regards for the device. There are people who always ask for more, and in case of feedback of existing owners, there were plenty of reviews that indicated the fact that room for improvement is there-, which, of course, is there all the time. If you need more info as to what the device has in store, then keep on reading this Binatone Carrera X350 review.

Pros of product

Not just the routes, but the device also offers lane assist feature as well. It helps you be in a lane that is best to reach a particular point/destination. The USB device you get with the actual device is compatible with Microsoft Windows, either XP or newer ones, and Mac operating system 10.4 or higher. The intuitive voice prompts serve as the major benefit of using this device. The device speaks street names that makes it easier than before to navigate to the desired place. By using this device, you can actively keep an eye on the traffic and this Binatone Carrera X350 offers traffic compatible roads and routes so you can reach your destination by avoiding all the heavy-traffic routes.

Cons of product

The screen layout seems to be a bit out-dated. The lack of comprehensive screen layout can hamper the performance of the device. In addition to that, another issue you may have to face is that the device takes time to re-load the maps, which can be annoying when you are looking to get the job done quickly. Setting up the device for the first can also become a bit frustrating as it takes time for the device to initialize and load all the features.

Who should buy this product

If you wouldn’t mind buying a sat navigation device that requires some fixing done but the price tag makes it more than handy to be used on the road, then this is the perfect device for you. If you can overcome flaws like initial installation of the device etc, then this Binatone Carrera X350 has the ability to offer immaculate results.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You never know when the price of this Binatone Carrera X350 starts to hike, so it is better to grab such an opportunity with both hands to avoid ending up scratching your head in agony later. So, make sure you capitalize on this Binatone Carrera X350 review and buy this device to enjoy all the mentioned features at reduced cost.

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